Monday, August 30, 2010

40 idiots complain about Pamela's new ad.

I found this today and thought I'd post and comment as I am a customer of crazydomains .

40 people complained and this ad was banned from free to air TV in Australia.............if 60 had rung in maybe Gavin, the CEO @crazydomains would be in jail.  Have we gone mad?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Random Reasons why it's great to be 50 something.

I'm not going to introduce or try and justify this list..It just is!

  • We look better in black than any other age group.
  • We don't have to wear letterbox framed glasses if they look silly.
  • Our Levis weren't faded and torn when we bought them.
  • We can afford to touch park.
  • We have our very own "back in the day"
  • We really do know what we're talking about.
  • We once walked in to a store and paid cash for Michael Jackson vinyl.
  • We know that Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton needed to be smacked when they were younger.
  • We know that forgiving your enemies messes with their heads.
  • We know that 90% of things we worry about never happen.

Have a nice day!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your blogging time is about to be limited.

But I'm going to make the most of my time. 

If your a successful and experienced out now as this post won't help you.  

If your a new blogger....newer than me at least....... stay with it.

To the remaining 20% who will be here by the end....Thank you.

Why is your blogging time about to limited? because you probably don't have even a basic plan.

This is probably who you are-
You use the web everyday - You have a broad understanding of how the web works - You read blogs - Your are an ok researcher - You like to write and you have opinions.

If this is you have a journey to make. I found it useful to remember the various stages of know how.

I've spoken, written and presented many times about the four stages of learning or the conscious competence theory. This is how it works.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dr Champix .....what a bloody champion! or how I quit smoking!

I haven't smoked for 6 weeks.

I was smoking about a pack of Benson & Hedges cigarettes each day - sometimes more -  for about 35 wonderful years until I decided to say goodbye to my oldest friend.

I'm now going to quit smoking for good! I've tried all sorts of quit smoking medication and methods from cold turkey to Zyban.

Yes I've tried to leave  before and succeeded for varying periods but with a heavy heart I know this time it's for good.

I've tried all the quit smoking treatments you can think about -  even the stop smoking laser treatments. You name the stop smoking pill and I've taken it.

In fact - I've had more go's at this than Tiger Woods has had girlfriends.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The first 30 days – the birth of a blog.

Day 1 minus 2

It feels like there’s a lot to do.

I didn’t know I wanted to blog until I got booted off a sporting forum for being opinionated. Idiot!! Now I don’t have a spot to set up my soapbox. 

So there I was idly surfing one day and I stumbled on Steve Pavlina. This was about 6 months ago and I bookmarked him. For all of you about to comment I have now discovered RSS…..I’d always wondered what it was for……what a great idea.

Since discovering Steve P I’ve been thinking and lurking for ages – reading - researching – learning and commenting. I then decided to progress from just reading and commenting in other blogs to building my own.
Holy moley!!