Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 reasons why 50 somethings need to be supervised

Clear proof (for some) that age doesn't necessarily bring wisdom.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Alright then 300 in 30 days ;-(

From a visual perspective.....does this work better in pink or green?

Friday, September 17, 2010

300 followers and support in 30 hours

This is an attempt to get 300 followers supporting me in 30 hours. Please help by following and supporting me.

Fashion is a funny thing.  You should see the front of this.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paul Hogan Vs Australian Tax Office or "Thats not a tax bill - THIS is a tax bill.

It must be a 50 something thing. Absurdity seems to be everywhere. here's the latest........

Paul Hogan has been forbidden from leaving Australia indefinitely. This is on the unsubstantiated whim of a public servant who didn't like being a called a boof head by Hoges on his last visit home.

I'm not a news journalist nor do I have any sources but all the information in the public domain says the claim by the Australian Tax Office is driven by poor research, misinformation and a personal vendetta by the moron in charge.

This is the most telling piece of journalism so far

"Despite the five-year investigation into his affairs, it was not until recently that authorities outlined to Hogan that they believed his "state of mind" back in 1986 about the use of offshore structures was based on evidence given to them by John Gibb, a former accountant to Hogan. Gibb told authorities he warned Hogan the structure was not legal."

and then

'"The Australian newspaper obtained a copy of the outline of the case against Hogan - but also revealed on Saturday that this was only half the story.
In fact Gibb had earlier told authorities in a separate interview that Hogan had also received advice from a senior tax barrister who said the structure was legitimate.
The Australian understands this barrister was Graham Hill, widely regarded as one of the best tax barristers in Australia before being appointed a Federal Court judge.
It is yet to be explained by authorities why this piece of information about the Hill advice has been discarded.
"It is all based on the word of a disgruntled, discharged, former employee," Hogan said of the case built against him"

The complete article can be read here
And tax payers are funding this debacle.