Monday, August 23, 2010

The first 30 days – the birth of a blog.

Day 1 minus 2

It feels like there’s a lot to do.

I didn’t know I wanted to blog until I got booted off a sporting forum for being opinionated. Idiot!! Now I don’t have a spot to set up my soapbox. 

So there I was idly surfing one day and I stumbled on Steve Pavlina. This was about 6 months ago and I bookmarked him. For all of you about to comment I have now discovered RSS…..I’d always wondered what it was for……what a great idea.

Since discovering Steve P I’ve been thinking and lurking for ages – reading - researching – learning and commenting. I then decided to progress from just reading and commenting in other blogs to building my own.
Holy moley!!

 …….suffocation by information……There’s so much good advice and information out there that appears logical and sensible it’s a bit hard to know where to start. It’s like trying to drink from a fire hose!

But I’m getting ahead of myself

I revisited Steve’s blog (SP is a no BS kinda guy and I like that) and read some more. His philosophies won’t be for everybody (and most of them aren’t for me either) but some of Steve’s posts struck a chord and to a degree inspired me to get to get off my bum and participate in the blogosphere -  I can’t believe it’s a real word but my spellchecker didn’t pick it up it must be. 

From Steve’s blog I clicked on a link to Problogger and due to my frequent visits Darren must now take some of the blame for my arrival.

I’ve read loads of blogs and many of them are great. It's ok -  I’m not going start listing them. I’ve decided to be a bit choosy and only mention the ones that motivated me into some sort of action rather than the ones I simply like.

I really like this blog because the author inspired me to be a better writer. An added bonus - it's hard not to smile when you read her posts. 

My new experiences have caused me to seek out a useful piece of software.  Where can I get a program that will return wasted time? I need it to make up for all the blog posts out there with great titles but disappointing content?  I reckon someone owes me about 3 months so far!

I hear that having a good topic is important ( I'm giving advice) so I’ve decided to blog about being fifty something - I’m 51. I figure I’m well qualified……I’ve been training for this for 50 years. HaHa....Yeah I know…… all those 60 somethings out there who will say they are better qualified ……..“if only you could remember” I say.

So I have a topic. And I guess this is my first post…..Woohoo!

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