Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your blogging time is about to be limited.

But I'm going to make the most of my time. 

If your a successful and experienced out now as this post won't help you.  

If your a new blogger....newer than me at least....... stay with it.

To the remaining 20% who will be here by the end....Thank you.

Why is your blogging time about to limited? because you probably don't have even a basic plan.

This is probably who you are-
You use the web everyday - You have a broad understanding of how the web works - You read blogs - Your are an ok researcher - You like to write and you have opinions.

If this is you have a journey to make. I found it useful to remember the various stages of know how.

I've spoken, written and presented many times about the four stages of learning or the conscious competence theory. This is how it works.

This theory was first presented by 1940's psychologist Abraham Maslow . 

The Four Stages of Learning describe how someone learns new info or skills about things like blogging and they are:

Unconscious incompetence  - you don't know you're an idiot! - we all start here - some of us just don't know it! 

Conscious incompetence - you know you're an idiot and totally useless at something - get a beer and reflect.

Conscious competence - you learn skills but have to think about it - the "know-all"  stage - bleh!

Unconscious competence - you're good at it and it's easy- . and that's viperchillProBlogger and the Blog Tyrant
Maybe they won't agree it's easy.....but they definitely are good at it!

Where are you? What are you doing about it?

Me?.......You've guessed it....I'm at the conscious incompetence stage or  "I know I have no idea" So what to do?

I seem to do a lot of blind stumbling around in my journey to create a successful blog. 

If you've researched anything on the web you'll know how easy it is to get sidetracked- waylaid - or just plain lost 'coz those damn links are just so inviting. 

Once, I followed 27 links from my original search inquiry only to find myself  an hour later on a totally unrelated place - interesting -but no connection (that I could work out) to my original intention. Has that happened to you?

Heres how I plan to make my time more productive.

Eureka!! Get a plan!!  

or truly embrace the blogosphere and use someone else's Ha Ha.

So hours later after reading the plans of others I finally decided to build and document my own plan.  To truly work it has to be my plan and not someone else's. It doesn't have be pages and pages  - it can be simple.  Mine is simple but dynamic and a living thing that I will review everyday.

Of course I thoroughly intend using loads of blogging tips and tricks from others that I will attempt to try and document. Does anybody have any ideas about trying to catalog all these great individual posts without having a bookmark or reader list 4 miles long?

Here's my 3 stage plan: 

  • Design the look and feel of my blog........and write some posts. 
  • Build and optimize my blog......and write some posts. 
  • Spread the word........and write some more posts.

I'm at the optimize stage at the moment and will follow this for now Blog Arsenal: 54 Tools, Apps, Plugins & Websites Every Blogger Must Know. .

I know there are 1000's of readers out there who will eventually find their way here. Please help me be ready for them by providing a critique of my progress.......all comments will be printed, framed and mounted on my wall.



  1. I think your blog is wonderful and I love this post, I was smiling knowingly and chuckling all along. You truly have a way with words. But where oh where is your follow me button. Oh well, you've forced me to save to the favorites folder. The buttons much easier.

    Happy Writing...

  2. Never mind I found the button!

  3. Hey Just Me....thanks for visiting and I'm glad I could make you chuckle.